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What’s The Scoop – 9th November 2018


Mon, 12 Nov – Progress Reports go home

Tues, 13 Nov – Monarch Woods Walk, 7pm

Wed, 14 Nov – School Council Meeting – 6.30pm (Library)

Fri, 16 Nov – PD Day – No School but Parent Interviews in the afternoon only (please contact teachers personally to arrange an interview)

Mon, 19 Nov – Fresh from the Farm – Orders available for pick up at school after noon

Bullying Prevention Week

Here at Sandhills Public School and throughout the Waterloo District School Board community, we are committed to providing a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for all students – each and every one.

Ontario’s Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week runs from November 18 to 24, 2018.

The week is an opportunity for us all, at school and at home, to reinforce clear and positive messages that bullying is not acceptable in our schools and communities.  Many schools have activities and events planned for Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week so stay tuned as you may be hearing a lot about it from your student over the coming weeks.

Did You Know?

November is Gratitude month

As part of the Reconciliation Act, Sandhills acknowledges daily that the land on which we gather is the lands traditionally used by the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe and Neutral people. We do this proudly and as an act of gratitude for what our Indigenous people so kindly share. If we didn’t have the land, where would we have begun?

Swim to Survive for Grade 3 Students

We are looking forward to the start of our Swim to Survive program on 15th November 2018.  Our Grade 3 students will attend Forest Heights Pool each week for 3 weeks to learn the minimum skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water.

These are expressed in a skill sequence in the Canadian Swim to Survive standard:

ROLL into deep water
TREAD water for one minute
SWIM 50 metres
A big thank you to Mrs Krupicz for her time and commitment to organize this wonderful and lifesaving program each year.  Don’t forget to bring a towel and a swimsuit!

The Carousel Dance Centre

We are so pleased to announce that the Carousel Dance Centre is returning to Sandhills for another dance performance on Thursday, November 22 from 1:30-2:15pm in the gym. Our JK to Grade 3 classes will enjoy this year’s performance based on the book, The Lorax.

Global issues Photo Booth

A big thank you to all those who participated in the GLOBAL ISSUES PHOTO BOOTH last week as part of our Carnival Celebration.  We are proud to announce that we raised $195 for a Girls’ Orphanage in India.  This wonderful fundraising activity built upon our Global Issues Awareness and the kids had a great time taking part.  

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What’s the Scoop, 2nd November 2018


Mon, 6 Nov – Safe Caring Inclusive Schools team meeting

Wed, 7 Nov – Indigo Fundraiser, Fairway Road, Kitchener

Mon, 12 Nov – Remembrance Day Assembly

Mon, 12 Nov – Progress Reports go home

Tues, 13 Nov – Monarch Woods Walk, 7pm

Wed, 14 Nov – School Council Meeting – 6.30pm (Library)

Fri, 16 Nov – PD Day – No School


Community members are invited to take part in our first SCIS team meeting of the 2018-19 school year on Tuesday November 6th from 3:30 – 4:30pm in Sandhills Library.

This team meets throughout the year to review data and plan and implement the school’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.

We look forward to seeing you there!


As you know, this school year, your child will be participating in The Umbrella Project. The Umbrella Project is a curriculum designed to help your child learn the skills of emotional well being. This year we will be focusing on gratitude, grit, self-compassion, autonomy, mindfulness, resilience, intrinsic motivation, integrity and hope. Please see the attached Welcome Letter for more information on tips/resources and how to sign up for newsletter and facebook updates.

Welcome Letter Umbrella Project Parents

Feeling excluded can be painful and a difficult part of childhood. Gratitude is a useful skill for helping to build and nurture relationships. It can help our children use more inclusive behaviours towards others.

Help your child notice when their peers do something kind for them to boost their gratitude towards others. Point out these moments whenever you can. This will help to guide your children to social behaviours that include instead of exclude.

For more information on today’s top please click the following link:

Umbrella Project Tips


The Centre for ADHD Awareness is hosting an ADHD Community Workshop on November, 25th in Kitchener, Ontario.

Flyer to be attached

The workshop is geared to parents of children with ADHD, adults with ADHD and their families, and educators. For detailed information, visit 

ADHD flyer-2018

Topics include;

Executive Functioning and ADHD: Keeping the Balls in the Air
Self-Regulation and ADHD: From Chaos to Smoother Sailing
ADHD Goes to School
ADDventures at Home
Understanding ADHD’s Impact on Adult Relationships
Understanding ADHD in the Workplace

Dr. Megan Smith, Ph.D. in Child Clinical and School Psychology, has worked with diverse client populations in community, outpatient, residential, and inpatient settings at Youthdale Treatment Centres, the Toronto District School Board, and in private practice.

Heidi Bernhardt RN, Founder, and President of CADDAC and past Executive Director of CADDRA, has over the past 25 years helped raise awareness and understanding of ADHD among parents, educators, health care professionals, industry leaders, and government officials through presentations, conferences, media interviews, and advocacy work.

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What’s the Scoop – 26th October 2018


Fri, 26 Oct – PD Day – No school

Tues, 30 Oct – Purple Day (Child Abuse Awareness Day)

Fri, 2 Nov – Junior Choir Rangers Game – tickets will be sent home soon.

Fri, 2 Nov – Picture Retake day

Wed, 7 Nov – Indigo Fundraiser

Wed, 14 Nov – School Council Meeting – 6.30pm (Library)

Fri, 16 Nov – PD Day – No School


We are delighted to inform you that Victoria Rigg will be joining us on Wednesday, October 24th as our new Kindergarten planning teacher.  I am sure you will all join us in welcoming Victoria to our Sandhills’ family.


We are fast approaching 7th November and our Indigo Fundraiser on Fairway Road, right next to the VIP Cinemas, from 6pm to 8pm.  20% of all in-store purchases (no online purchases or purchases of gift certificates) will go directly to Sandhills Public School to help improve our home reading libraries and also our new Board Game Club.

So come on out, enjoy our junior choir’s beautiful voices, say “Hello!” to Sunny, get your Christmas shopping started (only 62 shopping days left!) and support our school’s literacy program all at once.

Indigo Fundraiser


We’d like to bring to your attention that due to a variety of important considerations we’ve decided to press pause on our in-school composting program. We thank all of our dedicated staff and student volunteers who did this work and appreciate the positive environmental impact this creates.

While the formal school-based program will not be continuing we still encourage the community to learn more about composting in particular and being great stewards of the environment in general. We also encourage any students who would like to boomerang their organic food waste back home for disposal in a home-based composter or green bin to do so, but moving forward, food waste at the school will be disposed of on the same day.


Have you visited our Sandhills’ website lately?  If you have, you may have noticed some changes and updates. is a wealth of information to keep you updated on school Extracurricular Activities and Daily Announcements.  

You will find a direct link to the Daily Announcements on the left-hand side of each page on our website.  Click on the link to take you directly our Daily Announcement page:

School Extracurricular Activities are up and running with lots of clubs and activities offered to keep our students engaged and active.  We have a dedicated page on the website. Keep an eye out for updates as new clubs and activities come into session.

School Calendar!  Did you know that you can find lots of information about key dates and important trips on our school calendar?  Click on the link below and keep an eye out for new information. You can even print each month to keep you ahead of the game!

Finally, don’t forget about our wonderful School Council who work diligently to ensure that Sandhills is an integral part of our community, helping with funding and resources.  Their time and commitment is truly appreciated by staff and parents alike. You can keep abreast of school council minutes and dates of meetings on our School Council Page.


The 2018 Pumpkin Patrol is back on our streets!

 Once again this year, the Pumpkin Patrol will be patrolling your school and community on the evenings of Tuesday, 30th Oct and Wednesday, 31 Oct.  During these two nights, the Pumpkin Patrol will randomly visit facilities of the WRDSB and be a watchful eye for any problems that may occur while children are out ‘trick-or-treating’.

We have experienced a reduction in vandalism at our Board facilities as a result of this program.  It acts as a deterrent in decreasing the amount of activities and damage to schools to ensure increased safety for school children who are out during those evenings.


Families are needed for a SickKids research study on the genetics of reading disabilities.  To find out more information and who can apply please see attached flyer.

SickKids research study on Reading Disabilities


This year, we will continue to have the carnival where our youngest students walk through the classes and show off their costumes. Please remember that costume’s need to be ‘appropriate’ (not of the violent type nor should they include weapons) and Face Masks are not to be worn inside the school.  

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What’s the Scoop – 19 October 2018



Mon, 22 Oct – Municipal Elections (School Gymnasium)

Fri, 26 Oct – PD Day – No school

Fri, 2 Nov – Junior Choir Rangers Game – tickets will be sent home soon.

Fri, 2 Nov – Picture Retake day

Wed, 7 Nov – Indigo Fundraiser


Empathy is the ability to understand and appreciate how someone else is feeling. This past month, Sandhills students have been provided with opportunities to learn about empathy through the Terry Fox run, Orange Shirt Day, and other activities in their classes and around the school.

The statements we have been asking students to demonstrate are “I know how you feel” and “I care how you feel.” Many of our students have demonstrated the skill of empathy in a variety of ways, and have been recognized with a Sunny Salute. The Sunny Salute cards have been posted on the bulletin board across from the main office. On Friday 19th Oct we hosted an assembly where we will celebrated all of the students who have demonstrated this skill. Be sure to watch next week for statements on Gratitude!

Check out the bulletin board display across from the main office that highlights our monthly trait.


Hallowe’en is fast approaching and your staff at Sandhills thought it might be a good time to remind families about the expectations regarding costumes. As always, students’ costumes should not be of the ‘violent’ type nor should they include weapons of any type. Face masks are also not to be worn inside the school. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The Waterloo Region Family Network is hosting a family conference on November 3rd, 2018 – 9:30am to 3:00pm at Bingemans Conference Centre – 425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener. Please see attached flyer for more information.


SAVE THE DATE! Holiday Concert for 2018 will take place on Wednesday 19th December at 1:30pm and Thursday, 20th December at 6:30pm. Stay tuned for more details………….


Please remember to bring identification to pick up your child from the Extended Day program taking place on Friday, 26th October. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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What’s the Scoop? 12 October 2018


Mon, 15 Oct – Farm to Fresh Order Deadline!!!!

Tues, 16 Oct – JUMP TO MATH – 6pm to 8pm

Mon, 22 Oct – Municipal Elections (School Gymnasium)

Fri, 2 Nov – Junior Choir Rangers Game – tickets will be sent home soon.

Fri, 2 Nov – Picture Retake day

Wed, 7 Nov – Indigo Fundraiser


Jump2Math – Tuesday, 16 Oct, 2018 – 6 to 8pm

Following the success of READ Literacy Night on Tues, 2nd Oct, we are proud to present our next Family Night………………………Jump2Math is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, cooperative learning, and giant math stations. This active math program allows parents, students, and teachers to enjoy active learning together while traveling to each interactive math station.




We are excited to announce that Stephanie Johnson will join us on Monday, 15 October as our new 2F and 2/3F teacher. Stephanie is looking forward to meeting students and connecting with our community. Please join us in welcoming Stephanie to our Sandhills Family.


Board Game Club will be a new initiative starting this Fall and in preparation for this awesome new program we would like to ask for donations. If you have ‘appropriate’ new or gently used board games that you no longer use, and wish to donate to Sandhills, you can drop them off at the Main Office. More details will follow over the next few weeks. Stay tuned……


We are delighted to share our next Fundraiser with you. Wed, November 7th at the INDGIO location on Fairway Road, Kitchener (6pm to 8pm). Sandhills School Council encourages you to partake in some early holiday shopping and help raise money for school initiatives. 20% of all purchases will go towards the school if you tell your check out assistant that you have a student at Sandhills Public School. As an extra treat for our Sandhills Community, our JUNIOR CHOIR will be performing at 6:45 pm. Come and cheer on our wonderful Junior Choir and show your support. We will see you there!!


This school year, your child will be participating in The Umbrella Project. The Umbrella Project is a curriculum designed to help your child learn the skills of emotional wellbeing. This year we will be focusing on several characteristic traits including gratitude, grit, self compassion, autonomy, mindfulness, resilience, intrinsic motivation, integrity and hope. Developing these skills will help your child lead a happier, more successful life. Learn more on the umbrella of emotional wellbeing on our website here:


In September our students focussed on Empathy and this month, Gratitude is our main focus. Keep a look out for more information regarding The Umbrella Project as more details will follow shortly. In the meantime, caregivers are encouraged to talk with their students about the trait of the month as your participation will help to deepen your child’s understanding of these important skills.

You can also follow the Umbrella Project on social media for additional tips, resources and information. Find all the details here: 



Over the next few weeks, our Sandhills Website ( will go through an update. We shall be updating the Extracurricular Activities tab to reflect School Activities that students can participate in for this school year and the School Calendar with important dates such as school council meetings, school events, pizza and tuck shop days.

It is hoped that all this information will help towards keeping parents and students informed about our wonderful school and community.

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