Monday, 11th November 2019

Audience:  Grade 3:  

Creative Kids in the library 2nd NB

Audience: Grade 6:

There is no bucket drumming today due to set-up for the Remembrance Day assembly.

Audience:  Junior Choir

We will practice today at 2nd break! Don’t forget!

Tuesday, 12th November 2019

There are no announcements for today 

Wednesday, 13th November 2019

Audience:  Junior Choir

If you are singing at Chapters tonight, we will meet quickly in Room 9 at 2nd break.

Audience:  Grade 3 & 6:

Spirit Squad meeting at 1st break in the library at 1st break.  Come down quickly and bring your lunch.

Thursday,14th November 2019

Audience:  Grade 1 & 3:

Primary Choir second half of 1st Break.  Meet back in the Library today 🙂

Friday, 8th November, 2019

P.D. Day today – No School for Students