Welcome to Sandhills Public School – The Home of the “Sandastic” Suns!  

Sandhills Public School first opened its doors in September 2000.  We are a JK to Grade 6 school with a student population of approximately 680 students and 70 active staff members. Sandhills has a very diverse student population with 37 different speaking languages represented in our community.   We have an ELL program that supports students whose first language is not English and we offer a French Immersion program commencing in grade 1. Currently, 1/3 of our students are enrolled in the French track while the remaining 2/3 are English. Sandhills believes strongly that each and every student can be successful with the right conditions for learning and so the staff works diligently to ensure that all students have a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment. As a school, we believe that building relationships with students and families is a cornerstone for success and staff make every effort to reach out to families on a regular basis. The staff is committed to providing the very best pedagogy for students to ensure that learning goes beyond the academics and the walls of the classroom. Helping our students become active, successful citizens is paramount. We use the Sandhills Guide, listed below, to assist all of our students to learn and understand the skills necessary for life.

Creative Playground

Sandhills Public School

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Sandhills Code of Conduct:  “How We Shine”

S afety comes first

A ct appropriately

Nurture nature

D o your best

H elp each other

I nclude everyone

L ove learning

L ive above the line

S how respect