Extracurricular Activities

There are many opportunities for students to be involved at Sandhills.  Students should listen to the morning announcements for invitations to join when clubs begin and reminders about meeting times.


Eco Club – “We like to nurture nature.” Eco Club begins in September, is open to students in grades 3-6 and meets on Day 2.

Global Issues Club – “Change begins with me.” This group address international and local issues.  Global Issues Club begins in September, is open to grade 6 students and meets Day 4.

Primary Choir – open to students in grades 1 – 3, meets Day 3 at first break. Primary Choir’s first meeting will be October 16th.

Junior Choir – open to students in grades 4-6, meets Day 2 & 4 at second break.

Bucket Drumming – Beginning mid-October and open to students in grade 6.  Bucket Drummers meet Day 2 at first break.

Primary Dance Club – meets Day 4 at first break.

Running Club – runs during first break in the early Fall and again in the Spring.  The spring session includes other Track and Field events.  Students have the opportunity to participate fun runs with runners from other schools.

Athletic Council – Students help with the gym equipment room, Terry Fox Run, Intramural activities.  Interested grade 6 students apply in September.  Athletic Council meets Day 1 at first break.

Rubik’s Cube Club – “Everything cube-ish.” Open to students in grades 5 & 6. The group meets Day 5 at second break.

Relaxational Recess – Relaxational Recess is an opportunity for students to enjoy some quiet time reading or engaging in simple silence.  This program is open to students in grades 3-6, Day 4 at second break in Room 8. Relaxational Recess is a drop-in style format, students do not need to sign up.

Say “hi” Club – “Just say Hi!” This group meets Day 1 at 2nd break.  Say Hi club, works as a team to encourage everyone at Sandhills to be welcoming and inclusive by leading the Say Hi Assembly, the Say Hi scavenger hunt and creating Say Hi videos.

Ambassadors – Sandhills ambassadors brings fun and friendships to their little friends in kindergarten.  Ambassadors and their buddies enjoy 6 weeks of lunch and play in the library in November and January.  Ambassadors meet Day 1 at 2nd break.

Intramural Volleyball – the teams will play from mid November to Winter Break in December. Students in grades 5 & 6 are invited to join.  Practices will be Days 1 & 3 at 1st break.  Intramural Games will be Wednesdays after school.

Ukulele Club – Beginning in February and open to students in grades 5 & 6. Ukulele Club meets after school.

Knitting Club – Beginning in January and open to students in grades 4-6.

Chess Club – Beginning in January.  Interested students will meet Day 5 at first break.